Sideboard by Claude Lézé. Ed. Les Artisans de Marolles

This oak sideboard is an exceptional piece, combining artisanal know-how from the 1960s. The 4 delicately worked honeycomb doors, shaped using a gouge, give a unique texture to the surface, creating a subtle and elegant pattern. It offers a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. The low frame features exposed dowels, adding a rustic touch and emphasizing the handcrafted character of the piece. The sculpted panels, adorned with black lacquered metal fittings, visually enliven the surface, creating a functional work of art. The history of this row dates back to 1964, when Jean Touret, deciding to devote himself to sculpture, left behind the artistic direction of the group of "Artisans de Marolles et du Loir et Cher". This piece embodies Touret's heritage, carrying within it the meticulous work of Claude Lézé and the continuity of the Marolles Craftsmanship. The iron stamp of Claude Leze, affixed with precision, attests to the authenticity and quality of this work.

Dimensions : W200 x D45 x H95 cm