Lounge Chair by Eugène Printz

This magnificent walnut armchair was created by the renowned designer Eugène Printz in the 1930s. It perfectly embodies the elegance and craftsmanship of the Art Deco era. This armchair is distinguished by its straight back, framed by solid armrests that add to its robust and sophisticated appearance. The ingeniously designed seat slides forward, allowing the backrest to recline thanks to a hinge system. This innovative functionality ensures optimal comfort while maintaining a clean and elegant design. Every detail of this armchair reflects Eugène Printz's talent for creating furniture that is both aesthetic and functional. Whether to complement a living room, office, or library, this walnut armchair will bring a touch of refinement and history to your interior.

Dimensions : H109 x W63 x D89 cm

Price : 18000 €

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