Big "Berle" Monoxylite Storage, France 19th Century

This armoire, known as "berle" or "homme debout," is an integral part of the folk art heritage of the Ardèche region. Crafted by peasant hands in the 19th century, this unique piece embodies the soul and traditional craftsmanship of the countryside. The Berle is an exceptional and fascinating piece of furniture, highly rare. It is the result of passionate craftsmanship. Its ingenious design, with a back portion sculpted directly from a tree trunk, typically made of chestnut wood, showcases the use of local natural resources, easily accessible, to create functional pieces intended for everyday life. Every detail of this piece bears witness to the creativity and know-how of the peasants. With its generous dimensions, this berle offers ample storage space for various objects. Its rustic and authentic allure serves as a testament to the rural lifestyle of the time and adds a warm touch to any interior. Its stylized proportions suit both a country-style home and a modern space, complementing well with design objects.

Dimensions : H205 x W85 x D50 cm