X Stool: overview of the stool

X Stool by André Arbus

To feel that time stands still in a world that moves really fast is easy when living with a beautiful object that pays no attention to aging and mode. It is the case with this X stool, soberly designed in the 1930s by André Arbus. The solid mahogany wood structure, due to its cross legs shape. Our stools is in very good condition. Nous avons retapissé le siège avec un tissu alpaga. Its aesthetic, after almost a hundred years, remains current, without losing its historical character. This is reflected in the conservation of its original patina, which speaks, through small details, of its own story through the 20th century. The piece is a faithful representative of the neoclassical spirit that inspired the work of André Arbus. This important décorateur, sculptor and architect was born into a family of carpenters and work to perpetuate a legacy made to last.

Dimensions : H41 x W57 x D38 cm

Price : 3000 €

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X Stool: overview of the stool
X Stool: diagonal overview of the stool
X Stool: upholstery and crossed legs detailed view
X Stool: detailed view of the base of one of its legs
X Stool: detailed view of the seat and upper part of the leg
X Stool: another overview of the stool