White Quadrifoglio Lamp. Ed. Guzzini

The Quadrifoglio model table lamp was published in Italy during the 1970s by Guzzini. Its shape, reminiscent of a clover, is organic and sensual. Its design has made it be attributed to creators such as Gae Aulenti or Luigi Massoni. The lampshade is a white acrylic globe divided into four parts that meet at the top at a point surmounted by a chromed metal button. In a curved movement, the screen descends and rests on four branches, also in chromed steel. Separated from each other by spheres of this same material, these are anchored in a round base at its bottom point. The Quadrifoglio lamp is undoubtedly a highly original piece. A remarkable and versatile design that combines very well with modern or classic style interiors. Our lamp is a first edition and it is in impeccable condition.

Dimensions : H52 x Ø52 cm