Set of 6 S34 chairs by Pierre Chapo

Introducing Pierre Chapo's 1973 Chairs, a masterpiece of minimalist design and craftsmanship. These chairs represent the pinnacle of a furniture collection that marries simplicity with raw materials, resulting in a truly iconic creation. Crafted from solid elm, the chairs feature a sturdy base, providing both stability and a distinctive aesthetic. One of the details that sets these chairs apart is the offset backrest, a captivating design element that immediately draws the eye and distinguishes them as truly unique. This offset backrest showcases Chapo's talent for originality and artistic flair, seamlessly aligning with the minimalist ethos. These chairs are a testament to Chapo's ability to blend bold forms into functional art pieces. The polygonal shaped seat not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures comfort and ergonomic support, making these chairs as practical as they are beautiful. However, the most characteristic feature of these models is their crossed legs. Adding to their allure, this distinctive base is skillfully crafted to create a sense of movement and balance. These crossed legs not only enhance the chair's stability but also contribute to its overall elegance. Incorporate these chairs into your space to add a touch of timeless elegance and pay homage to the genius of their creator. Whether in your dining room, office, or any area that demands sophistication, these chairs will elevate your surroundings and earn admiration from all who encounter them. Experience the artistry of Pierre Chapo's 1973 Chairs and own a piece of design history that continues to inspire generations.

Dimensions : H72 x W40 x D43 cm