Set of 6 Bauche Chairs by Charlotte Perriand. Ed. Steph Simon

Edited by Steph Simon Gallery, the Charlotte Perriand Bauche chairs are a masterful interpretation of French Country side Paysan Furniture. The inspiration is evident in the use of natural materials such as ashwood and straw, as well as in the simplicity of the design that emphasizes function and practicality. The chairs have a timeless appeal that fits seamlessly into a wide range of interior design styles. Whether used in a rustic farmhouse or a modern city apartment, the Bauche chairs bring a touch of warmth and natural beauty to any space. The addition of straw seats to the chairs is not only visually striking but also adds an element of comfort and breathability. The straw material is perfect for warm climates or during summer months, keeping you cool and comfortable even during long periods of sitting. In conclusion, the Charlotte Perriand Bauche chairs are a stunning tribute to the beauty of French Country side Paysan Furniture, edited by Steph Simon Gallery. With their natural materials and functional design, these chairs are a beautiful and practical addition to any home or office.

Dimensions : Dimensions : H82 x W42 x D40 cm