Set of 12 Bauche chairs by Charlotte Perriand. Ed. Steph Simon

This monumental set of 12 chairs by Charlotte Perriand corresponds to model n°19 called Bauche, created in the 1940s. The relaxed aura of this chair with a leaning silhouette embody the idyllic lifestyle that gave these piece their spirit. They have a seat and backrest made of intertwined straw, resembling the figure of an envelope that reflects light giving an interesting sensation of volume. Also, the rush creates a contrasts with the clear honey color patina of the wooden frame structure, made in ash wood. The chairs are in excellent condition and in its original state. Charlotte Perriand's work is expressed in these pieces through the use of organic materials and in the habitable and simple character of pieces creates for daily living.

Dimensions : H82 x W42 x D40 cm