S31 Stools by Pierre Chapo

These iconic Pierre Chapo S31 stools are a timeless masterpiece crafted in 1974 that continues to captivate discerning art and design enthusiasts worldwide. These stools stand as a testament to the remarkable fusion of technical expertise and structural brilliance that define Pierre Chapo's legacy. With their sculptural presence and graceful silhouette, these stools have become highly coveted pieces for collectors and connoisseurs alike. The circular elm seats of these stools boast a velvety smooth surface, delicately transitioning into gentle angles along their perimeter. Expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the subtle craftsmanship reveals itself to those who truly appreciate the artistry of woodwork. The seats rest upon three straight legs, seamlessly intertwined using techniques that defy initial impressions, showcasing Chapo's unparalleled mastery of wood. Like all of Pierre Chapo's creations, these stools exude a harmonious blend of refined aesthetics and intricate detailing. Each element contributes to the overall form, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of Chapo's craftsmanship and experience the profound beauty of his work. Immaculately preserved, these stools boast a stunning patina that adds character and authenticity. The signs of time gracefully enhance their allure, further exemplifying their rich history and standing as exceptional examples of Pierre Chapo's legacy. It is important to clarify that the pieces can be sold separately and that the price is for each stool.

Dimensions : H45 x Ø33 cm