S31 Stool by Pierre Chapo

This model is an exceptional piece that testifies to the talent of the French design master, Pierre Chapo. Created in 1974, the S31 stool embodies its genius in a subtle blend of simplicity and elegance. It is made from French elm wood, offering a refined aesthetic with rounded edges and impeccable finishes at every stage of its design. The seat rests on a support made up of three artfully intertwined legs, showcasing the craftsman's elegant and solid carpentry techniques. As is the case with all of Pierre Chapo's work, this piece presents a simple form that reveals ingenious details, demonstrating the architect's mastery in a distinctive and sober style. A timeless testimony to the art of design.

Dimensions : H45 x Ø33 cm

Price : 3000 € → 2500 €

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