Pair of Sphère Low Chairs by Boris Tabacoff. Ed. M.M.M.

The Boris Tabacoff Low Chairs are a true masterpiece of modern design, originally created in the 1970s by the renowned designer Boris Tabacoff for M.M.M (Mobilier Modulaire Moderne). Made with a brown plexiglass shell supported by a chromed metal frame, the chairs have been fully refurbished with a cream-colored alpaca fabric by the Lyonnaise Bisson Bruneel® house. These chairs are incredibly unique and modern, and the Sphère is considered one of Boris Tabacoff's most iconic masterpieces. Sitting in this iconic lounge chair from the 1970s feels like floating, as it invites you to rest on its original nubuck cushion nestled in a classic semi-spherical smoked plexiglass shell. The warm tones and texture of the upholstery make this chair a delightful experience for both the eyes and the body of anyone who sits on it. The chromed metal base, composed of a circular shape and a tilted column that looks more like a suspension in the air than a support, is one of Boris Tabacoff's signature designs. Overall, the Boris Tabacoff Low Chairs are a timeless piece of furniture that will elevate any living space's design with its unique and modern look. Its comfort and style make it the perfect addition to any contemporary or mid-century modern decor.

Dimensions : W68 x D70 x H62 cm