Oak Coffee Table. Ed. Ebenisterie Seltz

This oak coffee table is a true artisanal masterpiece, carefully crafted by Seltz cabinetmakers. Since the 70s, this piece has stood the test of time, testifying to the exceptional quality of the work of artisans of the era. The choice of solid oak brings incomparable natural beauty and warmth to this unique piece. The clever design of this coffee table evokes the work of Pierre Chapo, famous for his innovative use of solid wood. The shape and assembly of the wood are designed so that the two symmetrical parts can be arranged to create a table of variable dimensions, easily adapting to any type of space. The table can be arranged in a square shape for a more convivial atmosphere or in a rectangular shape for a more formal space. The quality of construction is evident at first glance, attesting to the know-how and expertise of Seltz cabinetmakers. The solid oak coffee table is a safe and timeless choice for any lover of high-end furniture. This unique piece, which combines functionality and aesthetics, will bring a touch of elegance to any interior decor. In summary, this solid oak coffee table is a true artisanal gem that will withstand the test of time and bring a touch of refinement to any living space. With its clever design and exceptional construction quality, this unique piece is a safe choice for those looking to add a timeless and elegant touch to their living space.

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