Mississippi Sofa by Pierre Paulin, Kho Liang and Geoffrey Harcourt. Ed. Artifort

Since its conception in the 1970s for the momentous Artifort brand, this lively piece has slithered through the decades, always remaining relevant. ITts 14 bodies are arranged with the total freedom that its versatile modules offer, creating a sinuous silhouette that gives a sensation of movement to large environments. Among these sections are small straight pieces, concave segments in two sizes, and convex sections, also in two sizes, that allow curves to be made that go in, out, and interact with each other. The entire suite is reupholstered in Pierre Frey fabric in neutral tones. As in all the magnetic sofas by designer Pierre Paulin, this piece seeks to give the green light to the freedom of the body and rescue the importance of resting as a process of passive creativity.

Dimensions : W500 x H69 cm x D80 cm (length of the configuration visible in the main photo)

Price : 25000 €

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