Maple Wood Desk by Ebénisterie SELTZ

Introducing a remarkable desk originating from the 1980s and crafted by Seltz, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship. This exquisite piece is meticulously fashioned from maple, boasting a soothing blond hue that emanates a serene ambiance. The desk's allure stems not only from its material and big size, but also from its distinctive design, exuding an air of sophistication while inviting warmth. Every detail has been carefully considered, evident in the precisely angled edges that grace the contours of its structure. The overall shape of the desk is defined by a captivating blend of straight and curved lines, accentuated by bevels that gracefully flow across the surface, evoking a subtle sense of motion. To the left, the desk seemingly rest over a chest of drawers, featuring four spacious drawers and a compact yet practical compartment for conveniently storing essential utensils within arm's reach. On the opposite side, a gracefully curved structure comprised of sinuous slats mirrors the elegant curvature of the upper right corner of the desk's top, providing sturdy support. In line with Seltz's signature philosophy found throughout their esteemed catalog, this model exemplifies a profound reverence for the material used, showcased through its elegant, uncomplicated, and functional forms.

Dimensions : W200 x D100 x H74 cm (the width may vary depending on the layout of the chest of drawers)