Lemon Sole Lounge Chair by Kwok Hoi Chan. Ed. Steiner

The Lemon Sole lounge chair is a masterful creation by Kwok Hoi Chan for Steiner that seamlessly marries modern design with unparalleled craftsmanship. What immediately captures the imagination is its graceful and refined design. They strike a balance between minimalism and visual allure, featuring a sleek, undulating silhouette that captivates the observer. The subtle contours of the backrest and seat, along with precisely crafted angles and lines, converge to create a visually arresting masterpiece that seamlessly complements any modern interior. But this chair are not merely a feast for the eyes; they are built to endure. Their construction exudes excellence, with a selection of materials chosen for their resilience and longevity. From the sturdy chromed steel frame to the newly upholstery leathery, every component has been carefully chosen to ensure enduring performance. In summary, the Limande lounge chair by Kwok Hoi Chan for Steiner is a remarkable addition to contemporary spaces. With its exquisite design and flawless execution, it embody the perfect fusion of form and function.

Dimensions : W32,6 x D31,1 x H23,2 inches Seat height: 13 inches