Latonda Chair by Mario Botta. Ed. Alias

The "Latonda" Chair is a timeless masterpiece born from the brilliant mind of the renowned Swiss architect, Mario Botta, in the vibrant year of 1987. Crafted exclusively for the prestigious Italian company Alias, this chair is nothing short of a legendary icon in the world of contemporary design. Drawing its inspiration from the purest forms in nature and art, the "Latonda" Chair gracefully embraces the elegance of basic geometric shapes, with a particular affection for the circle and sphere. Its very essence breathes life into the beauty of simplicity. The "Latonda" Chair boasts a sturdy and stylish structure forged from lacquered steel, a testament to both form and function. Its seat is a striking canvas of black enamelled perforated steel sheet, a juxtaposition of strength and sophistication that captures the eye and heart. While this chair has journeyed through time, it remains in remarkable overall condition, proudly displaying the marks of its adventures and experiences, which only enhance its character. Take a closer look through the included photos to witness the stories it has to tell. The "Latonda" Chair stands tall with dimensions of 63 X 75 X 48, offering a comfortable seat height of 45 cm. It beckons you to experience the fusion of art and function, inviting you to embrace the spirit of contemporary design. Elevate your living space with this piece of history, and let the "Latonda" Chair be the soulful centerpiece that sparks conversation and inspiration. Price is per chair.

Dimensions : H75 x W63 x D48 cm