Conchiglia Lamp by Luigi Massoni and Luciano Buttura. Ed. Guzzini

The Conchiglia desk lamp, designed by Luigi Massoni and Luciano Buttura for Harvey Guzzini in 1968, is a striking example of space age design. Produced from 1968 until 1980, this lamp embodies a blend of form and function that was ahead of its time. The Conchiglia features a sleek metal structure that elegantly supports a Plexiglas shade, while cleverly concealing the wiring to maintain its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. One of the lamp's standout features is its removable plastic base, which was designed to hold small stationery items, making it a practical choice for office settings. This thoughtful design element adds to the lamp's versatility and appeal.

Dimensions : H40 x Ø35 cm

Price : 900 €

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