Broadway Chair by Gaetano Pesce. Ed. Bernini

The Broadway Chair, an iconic creation by the renowned Italian architect and designer Gaetano Pesce, is a testament to the bold and innovative spirit of postmodern design. With its strikingly fluid and dynamic form, the Broadway Chair challenges traditional notions of seating, captivating viewers with its artistic presence. Crafted from metal and epoxy resin, the Broadway Chair showcases Pesce's mastery of unconventional materials. The resin form a captivating shape that seems to defy gravity. Its curvaceous contours, undulating lines, and vibrant hues create a visual spectacle, breathing life into any space it inhabits. But the Broadway Chair offers more than just visual intrigue. The four springs cleverly integrated into its feet provide an additional layer of functionality. These springs enhance the chair's comfort and support, adapting to the user's movements and providing a subtle bounce that invites relaxation. The interaction between epoxy and the responsive springs creates a unique seating experience that is both comfortable and engaging. Beyond its aesthetic and ergonomic qualities, the Broadway Chair has become an emblem of contemporary design history. It has graced the galleries of renowned museums, inspiring generations of designers and captivating art enthusiasts with its captivating presence. The Broadway Chair is a testament to Gaetano Pesce's visionary approach, pushing boundaries and redefining the relationship between art, design, and functionality. Our chair it is in very good condition, just a small crack can be visible in the last photo.

Dimensions : H75 x W55 x D40 cm