B40 Desk by Pierre Chapo

The Model B40 Desk by Pierre Chapo is a true masterpiece of French craftsmanship and design. Made during the 1980s in France, this desk is an iconic piece of furniture that embodies elegance, functionality, and simplicity. One of the most distinctive features of this desk is its writing surface, which is supported on three feet, one of them resting freely on the chest of drawers. This unique design allows the user to adjust the angle of the writing surface to suit their needs, making it a versatile and practical piece of furniture. The chest of drawers is designed with four drawers of different sizes, providing ample storage space for documents, stationery, and other essential items. The drawers slide smoothly and are made with the same attention to detail as the rest of the desk, ensuring that they are both beautiful and functional. The desk itself is a work of art, with clean, minimalist lines that showcase the natural beauty of the wood. Pierre Chapo was known for his skill in working with wood, and this desk is a testament to his mastery of the craft. The wood was carefully selected for its color and grain, and the joints were expertly crafted to ensure a seamless finish. Overall, the Model B40 Desk by Pierre Chapo is an exceptional piece of furniture that combines beauty, functionality, and craftsmanship. It is an iconic piece of design that will elevate any workspace, whether it is used for writing, drawing, or other creative pursuits.

Dimensions : H72 x D88 x L175 cm (variable according to placement of the top)