B40 Desk: desktop overview

B40 Desk by Pierre Chapo

This B40 model desk gives the opportunity to work in a space that inspire and reconnect whit beauty. This piece features a diamond looking surface with angular bevels. Next to it, on its right side, lays a chest of drawers that offers four compartments of different sizes. Both elements float between open spaces that make this robust piece of furniture something light to look at. This design belongs to the master of wood construction Pierre Chapo. His work is characterized by shapes that configure spaces around. At the same time, by subtle details where the author displays his mastery in wood to anyone who stops to discover his pieces carefully.

Dimensions : W182 x D86 x H 75 cm (Width of the top. The total width may vary depending on the layout of the box drawers)



B40 Desk: desktop overview
B40 Desk: diagonal desk overview
B40 Desk: overview of the closed drawer unit under the desk top
B40 Desk: close up to the chest of drawers with the first drawer open
B40 Desk: upper overview of the desk
B40 Desk: surface bevel detail
B40 Desk: overview of the surface above of the chest drawer