Atollo Lamp Terracotta Color by Vico Magistretti. Ed. Oluce

The Apollonian forms of Italian design are eloquently but soberly displayed in this iconic lamp from the Oluce brand. It was created in 1977 by Vico Magistretti. The lamp synthetic shape it is made up of two simple elements that give it a recognizable silhouette from any angle. Its base is a cylinder that ends abruptly at its upper end in a cone, producing a strong edge that shows itself clearly when the lamp is turned on. Its shade is the half of a sphere that seems to maintain its balance on top of the lower part of the piece. This rare version is made of aluminum and shows off an exquisite opaque enamel that, very subtly, exhibits different mineral terracotta tones such as copper and iron oxide. In addition to its interesting original color and texture, the story of this piece is eloquent in the patina it has acquired over time. Like many pieces designed by the Italian master Vico Magistrett, this lamp gives attention to the sinuosity of the materials and the simple shapes at the service of sobriety and functionality.

Dimensions : H70 x Ø50 cm