Art Deco Regionalist Oak Coffee Table 1940s

Truly exceptional coffee table crafted from oak, exuding a captivating Art Deco style and exhibiting a remarkable patina that hints at its origins in the 1940s. Designed with utmost precision, this coffee table boasts a sturdy framework comprising six wide legs adorned with elegantly rounded geometric patterns. The robust structure effortlessly supports a substantial round surface, showcasing the enduring nature of its construction. To add a touch of finesse, delicate crossbars interconnect the legs, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of this magnificent piece. The oak finish gracefully accentuates the innate beauty of the wood, revealing mesmerizing natural grooves that narrate the table's unique journey through time. Although this exquisite coffee table is rarely found in catalogs, it is commonly attributed to the renowned designer Charles Dudouyt. The unmistakable craftsmanship evident in the oak detailing and the intricate figures that comprise the table's structure bear the hallmarks of this influential designer, a key figure in the evolution of design towards modernism.

Dimensions : H38 x Ø105 cm