Armchairs in Leather and Olive Wood - France, 1970

Introducing a remarkable piece of artistry from the past, this pair of armchairs hails from the skilled hands of a seasoned cabinet maker in 1970s France. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these armchairs boast a structure fashioned from exquisite olive wood, ensuring not only sturdiness but also a touch of natural elegance. What truly sets these armchairs apart is the stunning interplay of textures and hues. The olive wood's intricate grains form a mesmerizing backdrop against which the ebony tiger lines weave a tale of bold contrast. Complementing this captivating woodwork is the fauve-colored leather, a warm and inviting tone that harmonizes beautifully with the dark veining. Comfort takes center stage with these armchairs, offering a generous and luxuriously spacious seat. Sink into their embrace and experience ample comfort that welcomes you to unwind in style. While designed with functional simplicity in mind, the armchairs' minimalist lines don't compromise on aesthetics. Instead, they exude a timeless beauty that effortlessly captures attention, making them not just seating but also artistic statements in any space. Elevate your interior with this pair of armchairs that encapsulates the essence of vintage craftsmanship and contemporary comfort. It's more than furniture; it's a journey into the elegance of French seventies design, where form and function coalesce in perfect harmony.

Dimensions : H75 x W66 x D68 cm Seat height: 36 cm